Eagles Club Band circa 1946
First Uniform
Music Makers - 1949
Zean Zurcher's Music Makers Band (5-Piece)
Music Makers - 1951
Zean Zurcher's Music Makers Band (7-Piece)
Music Makers - 1953
Zean Zurcher's Music Makers (Big Band)
Caricature - 1953
By fellow student Jon Vorisek
All-American Band Masters Band - 1957
Principal String Bass
Bill Bell Workshop, Sioux City - 1957
Seated on Bill Bell's left
George Shearing - 1959
On tuba with George Shearing at Basin Street East, New York City
Off to Carnegie Hall - 1959
With F Tuba
Don Glasser Band (circa 1964)
On tuba and string bass with Don Glasser Band at Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach
Dad, Bob and Linda (circa 1965)
It's never too early to learn to play the Sousaphone.
Egg Protector (1970s)
JHS Band Director making a fool of himself during a faculty show.